Best gaming mice worth a try!

Hey gamers! Are you guys seeking out for best gaming mice? If yes, then you landed on the right page as today we are here with a list of top and best gaming mice which are worth a try. Don’t you want a trusty sidekick? No matter what are your eyes seeking upon, whether a new Steam machine or a pre-built desktop, all you need is a gaming mouse with high-end performance and quality. We have numerous gaming mice available in the market which are even customizable and feature numerous programmable buttons, adjustable weights as well as various user profiles. Choosing the right mouse depends on your budget and your gaming habits.

Razer Naga (61.90$)

Razer Naga is a mouse developed especially for playing MMO (massively multiplayer online) games. This mouse features 19 buttons with a comfortable design and little wider than previous version. It has got a new and fresh layout of concave buttons and even resting your thumb on it is quite comfortable.


Corsair Vengeance M65 (42.99$)

Corsair Vengeance has no option for wireless usage featuring a futuristic design and is quite comfortable as well as precise to hold on. It also features a scroll wheel which is quite oversized nicely and is equipped only with Windows panel software. This mouse has got a dedicated button for snipper and is designed for the gamers who want to experience a fine-tune feel while playing games.


Razer DeathAdder (69.99$)

Razer DeathAdder is the best mouse for RTS (real-time strategy) games which basically rely on the quickness of the user in adapting the conditions which are changing all through the battlefield. It is a simple as well as ergonomic mouse with a sleek-curved design. It fits quite comfortably in hands and even works quite well during online multiplayer battle arena. It is one of the truly classic-designed mice with an impressive performance.


Logitech G502 Proteus Core (68.24$)

This mouse by Logitech is the best all-purpose gaming mouse featuring candid design along with textured grips and comfortable shape. It gives the user a great feel as well as delivers impressive performance with adjustable weight. It is one of the best mice which is available easily in the market.


Logitech G302 Daedalus Prime (49.99$)

Daedalus Prime by Logitech has got a minimalist design providing comfortable space to users. It is springy as well as equipped with responsive buttons and keeps the user’s palms in place firmly. If you are a casual fan of MOBA games, then this mouse is the best option to choose and even it has got a low price tag too.

We are well aware about the fact that PC gamers do own a mouse but do you think that particular mouse is ideally suited for gaming purposes? Based on our own research, we have mentioned the best gaming mice which are slightly different from the regular ones in terms of number of keys and gripping comfort ability. If you are using any other gaming mouse which is worth mentioning here, please leave your comments below.