Best hack for Clash of clans

Clash of clans is a game that has got much resemblance to Super Bowl, in this game one has to build forts using elixir and gold which are collected immediately one gets into the game, the buildings dropped at places where players want them to be, players also build armies with various types of troops. There are various missions in the game one being that a player can take the army to raze down neighboring villages or raid parties nearby. Other players can also raid your town as well, but there is nothing to worry much about since nothing is destroyed for good though the may steal the gold and elixir that you have.

Here are some of the tips when playing the game,
Whenever you want to upgrade, you should take your time because upgrading quickly can at times leave your village too weak to withstand attacks. Also take your time and research more internet sources and find Clash of clans hack like the one you can click onto.
Usually, there is a sneaky way to protect all your elixir from attacks, for instance when you queue extra troops in your village and maintain your queue full.
Seek to find inactive players who are easy to loot, thus you can acquire their gold and elixir collectors.

Whenever you are being attacked, you automatically get a shield and this will enable you build up your resources. Also use this time to reinforce your army and the defense towers.
This tip allows you to inspect your opponent’s village and can thus use someone’s attack against their village. It will also enable you to know the most vulnerable time for you to launch an attack.
This is a good defense strategy since your opponents will not be able to reach your village easily. Also make sure that you upgrade these walls regularly.

School of dragons – nice game for kids

For those who like their action-packed gaming with a dose of fantasy, try out the School of Dragons, a 3D MMORPG experience. It is successful collaboration between animation and educational gaming. When it comes to the ‘Train your dragon’ franchise, the USP is that across generations, children and parents share equal enthusiasm. It is endearing to see father and son bond over naming a mythological creature. However, very few can combine educational and entertainment. Inspired from the movie and the series, the games were a result of a very successful a partnership between JumpStart (a leader in educational gaming) and DreamWorks Animation (DWA) in 2012. Here is the tool for everybody who wants to save some money The Dragon School.


The game was developed keeping kids in mind, hence the colour and pearls of wisdom strewn here and there. The game integrates courses like Scientific Method, Botany and others based on school syllabus. It is not taught as a lesson but integrated into various levels so that the kid is able to understand and retain it. There is also the element of adventure as the gamer goes through several worlds riding atop his dragon, learning about cultures and social behaviour, otherwise taken to be a boring chore by kids.

After the 2010 movie ‘How to train your dragon’, the School of Dragons was released on July 17th, 2013. It is simple, informative and fun, with characters sometimes quoting the dialogues from the movie or series. To begin with, the player can customize his Viking, choose his own dragon and then train it. Just like the movie, this dragon too becomes the gamers pet and follows him around. As a browser game, it is quite similar to others of it genre, like the part where the dragon has to be fed, farms cultivated and animals raised for the gamer to move onto the next level. The activities are in the format of mini-games (games within the game). To go to the next level, the gamer has to complete the challenges posed and complete his tasks. However, the graphics aren’t too bad, with the scenes being bright, colourful and fantastical and the music being a tad bit repetitive.
The game needs patience, specially the part where you need to care for your dragon, like keeping him happy and well-fed by fishing and farming regularly. If you don’t use some tricks, you may take forever to move on in the game. For instance, one valuable tip is not to use up gems for energy, even if it means sacrificing a mini-game. You have other ways of boosting your energy, or simply wait, as the gems will come in handy is more important cases. You can also pay $5 to turn your dragon into an adult instead of going through too many levels. A full-grown dragon then has the ability to shoot fireballs as do better flying tricks. It will be often that your dragon will run out of energy during a challenge and requires gems or time to get its energy levels up. If you raise multiple dragons, hatched or bought, you can replace your tired one with an energized dragon and continue the task. There are more which tricks help to navigate the levels faster, and you will figure out once you get hooked on to the game.

With its attractive visuals and appealing characters, with bits of educative nuggets here and there, the game is a sure-shot success.

Shadow fight 2 hack and cheats

Hello there folks, today I want to share the tips, tricks, hack and cheats for the shadow fight 2. It is obviously popular game and such fighting games are rare these days ad the Mortal combat times are over and not many people like these fighting game. But shadow fight 2 was able to make a lot of gamer to play it and to pay for the virtual currency and that is the reason of this article. Shadow fight 2 hack can be found here. The post is nicely written, it goes to details, but the authors do not want to share how they do the trick as they do not want the developers to give a hint as they might be able to stop the tool working.

Shadow fight 2 screenshot

I was doing some research to find out that there are not many serious hack tools, like I do not use download any hack tool – this is android/iOs game, I want to hack it from my iphone not to go to desktop and install anything in windows. In any case I do not use windows so it is useless for me. And not even one is supporting Mac OS. So for me are suitable just the online versions. In any case it is worth a try and according to the stuff, they claim that it might not work all the time as developers are trying to fix the bugs, but they are able to work quickly. We will see how long it will be fun for them.

Shadow fight 2 screenshot2

Then you have the web sites about the best strategy, which might be called cheating if you do some special strategy on the enemies or to learn there how to avoid specific combat moves or know what will the enemy do from the other players. In any case the virtual currency is there so that the developers of the shadow fight 2 can earn some money, but to be honest, I would like to know how much money will my game cost for single player and not to allow children to spend lot of money for the virtual money! That is the reason I would be very happy to see that this trend of the free games with in-app purchases will be gone in few years.

Back to cheating. To get the virtual money to be able to continue in the game is not the cheating at all, it is just effort to continue :) My opinion. See you guys later on.

Best gaming mice worth a try!

Hey gamers! Are you guys seeking out for best gaming mice? If yes, then you landed on the right page as today we are here with a list of top and best gaming mice which are worth a try. Don’t you want a trusty sidekick? No matter what are your eyes seeking upon, whether a new Steam machine or a pre-built desktop, all you need is a gaming mouse with high-end performance and quality. We have numerous gaming mice available in the market which are even customizable and feature numerous programmable buttons, adjustable weights as well as various user profiles. Choosing the right mouse depends on your budget and your gaming habits.

Razer Naga (61.90$)

Razer Naga is a mouse developed especially for playing MMO (massively multiplayer online) games. This mouse features 19 buttons with a comfortable design and little wider than previous version. It has got a new and fresh layout of concave buttons and even resting your thumb on it is quite comfortable.


Corsair Vengeance M65 (42.99$)

Corsair Vengeance has no option for wireless usage featuring a futuristic design and is quite comfortable as well as precise to hold on. It also features a scroll wheel which is quite oversized nicely and is equipped only with Windows panel software. This mouse has got a dedicated button for snipper and is designed for the gamers who want to experience a fine-tune feel while playing games.


Razer DeathAdder (69.99$)

Razer DeathAdder is the best mouse for RTS (real-time strategy) games which basically rely on the quickness of the user in adapting the conditions which are changing all through the battlefield. It is a simple as well as ergonomic mouse with a sleek-curved design. It fits quite comfortably in hands and even works quite well during online multiplayer battle arena. It is one of the truly classic-designed mice with an impressive performance.


Logitech G502 Proteus Core (68.24$)

This mouse by Logitech is the best all-purpose gaming mouse featuring candid design along with textured grips and comfortable shape. It gives the user a great feel as well as delivers impressive performance with adjustable weight. It is one of the best mice which is available easily in the market.


Logitech G302 Daedalus Prime (49.99$)

Daedalus Prime by Logitech has got a minimalist design providing comfortable space to users. It is springy as well as equipped with responsive buttons and keeps the user’s palms in place firmly. If you are a casual fan of MOBA games, then this mouse is the best option to choose and even it has got a low price tag too.

We are well aware about the fact that PC gamers do own a mouse but do you think that particular mouse is ideally suited for gaming purposes? Based on our own research, we have mentioned the best gaming mice which are slightly different from the regular ones in terms of number of keys and gripping comfort ability. If you are using any other gaming mouse which is worth mentioning here, please leave your comments below.